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Every single room of the house is supposed to express and represent the style of its inhabitants, giving them comfort and pleasure. With this in mind Modo 10 has developed Domino, the versatile collection that includes complete proposals for both the living and sleeping areas.

Traditionally the living area is the most popular and used area within the home used for all types of domestic situation, from everyday life such as relaxing on the sofa to those special moment of conviviality and hosting. Which is reason as home-owners we all want our living rooms to be versatile and ready for all types of activities, but also beautiful and elegant.

Domino by Modo 10 offers high-level and integrated solutions to create sophisticated and minimal spaces, with a great attention to details, starting from the choice of the raw material, that Canaletto walnut which is one of the most precious and refined essence in the furniture industry. The craftsmanship reached with more than fifty years of experience in manufacturing timber and several investments in the most modern production technologies, lead Bianchini srl to create collections of tables, chairs, consoles, sideboards and complements (padded or not) that tell us about an unique style and identity, each one in its own words.

The result is an original, functional and design oriented collection, unmistakable and totally Made in Italy style icons, appreciated and sought after by those who want to combine quality and beauty with functionality and versatility.

The craftsmanship remains the key concept of the Domino collection: great attention to the choice of raw materials, opting for precious essences often combined with natural and selected materials. That's how their great ability in merging precious choices and wise workmanship in an original style stands out.

With Domino, Modo10 reaches a specific, coherent and customized lifestyle: it becomes the excellence choice for those who wants to create integrated and harmonic environments, balanced on different needs, but also customizable in details and finishes. The inspiration for the Domino collection comes from the Futurism and the Classic Abstract Art: Modo10 reinterprets it in a personal and original way, to make every single piece of the living space a small works of art.

All the items are handmade at the MODO10 factories, using top-quality raw materials and finished with water or natural oil painting.



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