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Original Style, the UK’s leading supplier of Victorian style geometric floor tiles,

has extended its range with four new colours, six new shapes and more than

20 new patterns.

The new additions have been specially selected to emphasise the versatility of this style of flooring and to show how it can be used in contemporary properties as well as period homes. Research undertaken by Original Style showed that some homeowners were unsure about how this style of flooring could fit into a more modern environment, so the new brochure has been designed to demystify the process and show what is possible.

The new palette includes three shades of grey from dark ‘Revival Grey’ to pale sepia ‘Chester Mews’

and ‘Holkham Dune’. Also added is ‘Pugin Blue’, a vibrant shade of blue based on shades seen

in authentic installations. This hue can be used to add a pop of colour to simpler patterns.

As Victorian floor tile patterns are made up of individual tile pieces, the possibilities are all but endless. Original Style’s new tile pieces include larger versions of existing shapes, such as rectangles and hexagons, which extend the scope of patterns further still. To show what can be achieved, Original Style has designed a collection of patterns which lend themselves to the more contemporary hues. These include Scarborough, a chic, herringbone design, alongside Buckfastleigh, which is made up of hexagons. The company has created more than 20 new patterns in total.

Original Style has also refreshed the traditional designs of its hand decorated range of tiles, such as Salisbury, by introducing a new monochrome colour palette. Previously available in typical Victorian reds, greens and blues, the chic grey, black and white pattern adds a more contemporary edge. Border tiles have also been updated in the same palette to allow for a co-ordinated finish.

For more information visit: www.originalstyle.com

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