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Parquet flooring is versatile and beautiful, and harks back to a bygone era. Laid well it adds character and warmth to its surroundings and fits perfectly within both traditional and contemporary design.

With the continual increase in demand for modern wood flooring solutions, consumers today are turning more and more to parquet flooring to match their wants and needs. This simply flooring solution is growing once again in popularity simply because parquet flooring adds a sense of grandeur to its spaces and comes in many different patterns and wood ranges. Each pattern has its own unique quality and has the ability to excite and add sophistication to any room, particularly medium to large sized spaces however some styles are limited to which surroundings they can work within.

Here we take a look at the most popular types of parquet flooring designs used today.


Known to be one of the first parquet pattern developed in Europe, Herringbone parquet is a classic European pattern that is made from blocks and assembled on a right angle that creates the typical V shape. This timeless style is seeing a real renaissance right now and it’s easy to see why as the pattern lends itself to modernist buildings and works well with all types of wood and is a great way of making a real statement, yet not so out of the ordinary that you’ll tire of it.


Chevron parquet also known as Hungarian point is a classic European pattern that is made from blocks cut at various angles. This angle difference changes the way the light reflects on the rows and gives the floor a more directional feel. Whilst this pattern looks similar to Herringbone the main difference is that the chevron planks are cut to ensure that each “zig” and “zag” are connected at a 45 degree angle.

The pattern has a very Parisian Chic appeal and is often found in formal living rooms, dining rooms, and entrance halls.


When Louis XIV turned his hunting lodge at Versailles into a palace, the floors needed to be as sumptuous as their surroundings, and so the Versailles parquet was designed. Available in a variety of patterns, sizes and finishes this product will give your project a luxurious Parisian style.

Nowadays Versailles panels can be seen in any property with traditional or modern interior, and are often used in large grand spaces and hallways. This type of parquet flooring continues to be a synonym of a Luxury and excellence

Parquet flooring at a glance:

Easier To Install:

Wood parquet is the only solid hardwood flooring that installs as easily as tile. Glue-down installation means no nailing is required. Urethane-based adhesive has a 60-minute working time, which allows you ample time to perfect the placement.

Rich Look

Multi-piece construction lends a deep, 3D appearance.

The only wood floor that installs like a tile with glue-down installation and manageable tile sizes.


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