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SHADEBOX by Ceramica Sant’Agostino is a “collection-box” born to treasure a matter jealous of its richness, which combines a measured and elegant urban style through carefully selected colours: five warm greys that highlight the modernity and adaptability of the collection-box to the most topical aesthetic needs.

The colour palette proposal flows into the colour system called “Shade”, on which Ceramica Sant’Agostino develops materials - in porcelain and white paste double-fired – that are different but that can be potentially matching inside a unique architectural design playing with essences (wood, resin, majolica), surfaces (satin, structured, polished), solutions of use (in different environments such as living, kitchen, bathroom) and application areas (residential and commercial, private and public), while maintaining consistent uniformity and continuity of tones.

A relief resin effect - Shadelines - and a polished and nuanced brick tile - Shadebrick - match the sophisticated refinement of a minimal wood - Shadewood.

Shadewood is a wood-looking rectified porcelain stoneware characterized by a sharp but delicate veining

and a decorative texture - highlighted by a light sheen - which gives a sophisticated naturalness to the collection. Designed and developed to be a real creation of design for the contemporary furnishing, it identifies - in the graphic, the colour development, the declination of sizes including a stylish chevron and the decorative pieces - an interior surface with a metropolitan flavour, with a refined and essential beauty.

The irregular lines of Shadelines, which draw a wavy and three-dimensional motion on the structure of rectangular slabs, and the refined play of lights of the walls made with Shadebrick are the ideal means to decorate the spaces with the metropolitan beauty of the project “Shade”.

SHADEBOX is therefore a set of different materials and surfaces becoming one style, generating various but homogeneous environments, measurably balanced between uniformity and diversity, originality and complementarity: the ceramic synthesis of a colour gradation in greyscale.

For more information visit: www.ceramicasantagostino.it


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