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Exotic tropical motifs in luxuriant colours from Harlequin...

The Harlequin Studio has produced Amazilia, a stunning collection of fabrics and wallcoverings based on extravagant tropical motifs in magnificent colourways. Channeling the current trend for bringing the outdoors in, offset against large ‘greenhouse-like’ windows, dark walls and hot spots of colour, the atmospheric collection creates a feeling of both sanctuary and escapism.

The collection reflects the vision of Studio designer, Louise Collis, who had been working on it for the last 18 months. She explains her inspiration behind Amazilia: “The initial idea began with research into fashion and interior trends; I noticed a pronounced tropical influence developing in fashion, with the use of exotic imagery and opulent hues, whilst in interiors there is a move to darker, sultry tones and more maximalist prints – large scale tropical flowers, stylized foliage and botanical references.” Louise researched at Kew Gardens, studied tropical birds and insects and also experimented with various painting techniques. She initially worked on finely painted hummingbirds (the collection derives its name from a species of hummingbird) and butterflies, mixed with slightly more expressive ink paint techniques for the foliage.

The result is a sophisticated designerluxe collection of seven printed fabrics (four of which have been produced digitally), four weaves, eight wallpapers and a sumptuous spray-dyed velvet. Glamorous, graphic, with a hint of decadence, the motifs encapsulate the new trend towards the home as a welcoming, nurturing cocoon, enlivened by energizing pops of vibrant colour

The prints characterise the collection, encompassing delicately depicted hummingbirds, botanically-drawn butterflies, fashionable feathers, glossy oversized leaves, flower-heads and seed pods bursting into fruit, a loosely painted, artistic interpretation of vegetation, and etched elephants in a stately procession. They are complemented by ikat embroideries, trellis style weaves and a stunning, mosaic-like tapestry weave depicting tessellated tulips.

The wallpapers continue the tropical theme: some of them reflect the flavour of the printed fabrics, enhanced by an ikat-type stripe, billowing clouds created using tiny dots and a textured-look ‘plain’ engraved from a silk and linen slub fabric.

Amazilia’s suitably evocative colour palette reflects the alluring nature of the collection: luscious hues accented with daring brights – the perfect combination to both awaken the senses and soothe the soul! It mingles flamingo with papaya; zest, cocoa and stone; peach, mango and olive; indigo and mustard; gooseberry and lagoon; plus hints of apple, raspberry, blueberry, loganberry, emerald and elephan

For more information visit: www.harlequin.uk.com


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