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Dramatic, uninhibited and painterly, Fauvisimo has been inspired by the vibrant colours of the early 20th Century’s Fauvist art movement.

Fauvisimo is the stunning fabric collection from Harlequin. Its prints, which feature British birds,

flowers and landscapes, are stunning in their spontaneous, liberated interpretation of the inherent beauty of nature and its intensity of colour.

The collection was designed by the Harlequin Studio’s Becky Brown, who explains:

“I’ve always been fascinated by artistic movements of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries and I love experimenting with confident colours, uninhibited sweeping brushstrokes and painterly effects. For Fauvisimo, I applied paint by scraping it on in thick daubs using a palette knife, building texture and pattern through layers and embosses. I wanted to eliminate fine detail, instead creating a representational, abstract shape or composition.”

Fluid and energetic, the hand-painted designs are invigorating and tactile. Comprising prints, embroideries, jacquards and weaves, Fauvisimo’s refreshing fabrics, with their strong emphasis on colour, will add ebullience and character to any interior scheme. The prints, some of which are produced digitally to accommodate the vibrant colours and depth of design, feature overblown peonies, foxgloves, tulips and sprays of blossom and pussy willow, as well as abstract stripes and block-effects. They are complemented by enchanting representations of small birds perched on branches, both printed on voile and embroidered, and intricately stitched papery poppies, as well as jacquards featuring ombré colours and stripes resembling dripping paint and spun sugar.

The layering of rich, contrasting tones develops warmth and energy against the cooler backdrop of natural cloth. The powerful colour palette ranges from cobalt blues and deep magentas to moody greys, sultry black and on-trend mustards, and includes softer highlights of muted greens, blush pinks and honey shades.

To complement Fauvisimo the Studio has developed four suitably painterly weaves suitable for both drapes and upholstery, which together form the Sgraffito range. In a choice of cotton-mix or wool-mix, these stunning woven fabrics include a semi-plain, a small chevron check, a tweedy weave and an eye-catching motif resembling freely applied brushstrokes.

For more information visit: www.harlequin.uk.com


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