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By Royal Appointment

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With the arrival of Prince William & Princess Catherine’s third baby the interior world has shifted its attention and is looking toward the palatial and glamorous interiors of our kings & queens. So this summer be sure to give your home a touch of regal glamour with these simple yet effective tips

Dramatic Colour

Whether it’s paint, a faded red carpet that looks almost purple, or a red-orange wallpaper in the study; in old-fashioned décor, red symbolized lushness and riches. British paint purveyor Farrow & Ball has some especially great hues, with the added bonus of evocative names: Check out “Picture Gallery Red” and “Blazer.” Modern spin: Use more neutral tones (think a modern taupe) with red accents in your upholstery, pillows, and throws.

Be Materialistic

Sophisticated materials such as velvet, satin and silk were used to show wealth and used correctly can add a luxurious touch. Casa Paradox, are a brand which evoke this opulence with home furnishings that could mirror the Imperial dynasty of China to the Imperialist Tsars of Russia.Modern Spin: Use soft stain or velvet pillows in contrasting colours to add a splash of drama and effect

All That Glitters

If there’s one thing those royals liked, it was a nice, healthy dose of gold leaf paint, which you can get at an art supply store. If you own your place, consider decorating the walls by painting your mouldings gold. For a subtle—but still effective—touch, paint a thin line of gold just under your moulding, like a racing stripe.

To get a clean edge, use a bunch of business cards and paint down to the card—this gives you an even better line than using traditional blue painter’s tape.

Modern spin: Buy a gilded picture frame, or gild one you find at the flea market.

Consider Drapes

Back in the day when heating was scarcer than it is now, heavy window coverings were a necessity and as a show of wealth radiators where exposed and dresses with heavy curtains draped either side of them. Today, we would rather cover the radiator and use more minimal window treatments—but if you want that grand look, more is better.

Modern spin: Keep your current window treatments, but add a fabric swag or valance at the top.

Exquisite Lighting

It may be a bit of a cliché, but hanging a chandelier above the dining table or in the living room is the simplest way to introduce a bit of regal style into your home — think the Palace of Versailles. Crystal chandeliers are very intriguing and elegant, and simply exude luxury. From classical round shape, to those with coloured pieces of crystals, this simple yet elegant accessory creates uses the perfect finishing touch to any room

Modern Spin: Go for modern teardrop or waterfall designs


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