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Iqrup + Ritz collaborate with award-winning Safomasi for Exclusive Collection

Iqrup + Ritz have partnered up with award-winning homeware brand Safomasi for a range of exclusive upholstery fabric options for sofas, armchairs and headboards.

The prints have been selected from Safomasi’s very popular Pushkar Camels, Alleppey Palm Pickers and Japanese Crane collections. The tones have been updated to complement Iqrup + Ritz’s current colour palette and furniture lines. Safomasi for Iqrup + Ritz are hand printed and come in a fine luxurious cotton linen that works perfectly for upholstery. Safomasi for Iqrup + Ritz also includes a complementary cushion collection.

Pushkar Camels

Safomasi for Iqrup + Ritz’s Pushkar Camel is an amazing pop print of camels from Pushkar.

Every year, thousands of camels are brought to be traded at the Pushkar Camel Fair. From decorated camels to snappily dressed traders, Sarah (Safo) and Maninder (Masi) have interpreted the colours and ornaments to create a mesmerising print. Complemented by Bamboo Weave Cobblestone fabric. Dalhousie Slipper Chair in Pushkar Camel Fabric £559 The Dalhousie Slipper Chair is designed by Iqrup and made in Iqrup’s own workshop. It has beautifully curved square back legs and chic spooled legs in front and is finished in walnut finish. The seat also has chic button tufting detail and the seat is comfy but firm. Handmade to order. Safomasi Pushkar Camel Print Cushions £39

Alleppey Palm Pickers

Safomasi for Iqrup + Ritz introduces you to the Coconut Palm Picker print inspired from all the way down south of India. The print captures the lush tropical landscape of Kerala in colourful hues of fresh greens, blues and coral. Coconut pickers climbing up palms are paired with woven bamboo leaf patterns in a rust colour. Palm Pickers Cushion £39 Dalhousie Slipper Chair in Safomasi Palm Pickers (£559)

The Rust bamboo print is also available as an upholstery option for our stunning hand-woven cane Gymkhana armchair (£699), Parisian Madeline Slipper Chair in Natural Glaze (£629), and the chic Shimla chair (£699).

Japanese Cranes

Safomasi for Iqrup + Ritz’s Crane is based on sketches and memories while travelling through the two fascinating sides of Japan. The hand printed pattern is inspired by the belief in Japan that a string of one thousand origami cranes will bring good luck. Available in Blue and Gold.

Cranes Cushion £39 The cranes cushion features the blue crane print one side and the gold print on the other. The Gold crane print is also available as an upholstery option for Iqrup + Ritz Shimla chair (£699) as well as the Dalhousie slipper chair (£559).

For more information visit: www.iqrupandritz.com


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