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Just when you thought you shouldn’t have a single thing covering your windows, and you were trying to get your head around everyone seeing you getting dressed in the morning, the powers that be in the ‘design trend analysis’ world have decided that yes, actually, it might be a good thing to dress your windows after all!

We list some of the top reasons to ‘curtain up’:

PRIVACY It’s up there as the number 1 reason to cover your windows. I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t want people seeing me at my worst before my first coffee of the morning, or as I wriggle into my PJs at bedtime!

INSULATION Windows are getting larger and bolder, and despite all the excellent, ground breaking, thermally efficient glass now available, and window frames with super duper thermal breaks built in, they STILL let in the cold. You just can’t beat a thick bit of fabric at your window to keep out the chill on those cold winter nights.

BETTER ACOUSTICS According to our friends at ION acoustics, if you want to improve the acoustics in your home, adding fabric and textiles is ONE OF THE BEST ways to do it. Larger open plan living spaces, hard floors and large windows all contribute to that feeling that one is in a community centre rather than a home, so give it a hand by adding some drapes.

A GREAT WAY TO GET ‘HYGGE’ This lovely Danish term defines exactly what curtains do for a room - create that cosy atmosphere, even in a large area. Once you draw your curtains, you can completely change the feel of your living spaces from open, bright, daylit rooms framed by a beautiful fabric, to an intimate sanctuary with great ambiance, where friends and family will feel at home. Or, after a tough day at work, curtains will help you create a warm snuggly den when you want to block out the rest of the world and consume that entire bar of dairy milk... (maybe that’s just me...).

REDUCE SOLAR GAIN As I am writing this in November, solar gain isn’t a current issue of mine, but come the Summer, keeping your room cool will (hopefully) be important! Leave your curtains closed on hot days when you go off to work (don’t worry what your mother would say, or that the neighbours might think you are STILL in bed), and when you come home, your rooms will be much cooler for it, thank you.

STOP GLARE ON SCREENS An important problem in our current device-rich world. The sun is just starting to dip in the afternoon, and you can’t see what delights they’re baking in GBBO because of the sun glaring on your 40”flat screen? You’re trying to zoom in on a product picture on Amazon for an emergency birthday present purchase, but it’s just too bright to see the detail? Tweak your curtain across, and hey presto - your media rich world is instantly restored.

ADD COLOUR OR TEXTURE TO YOUR ROOM If you feel your enormous living space is just a bit too sterile, pull it all together with a great fabric and curtain pole. Whether you want a ‘wow’ colour, or something to add a subtle depth to your scheme, using curtains and coordinating curtain polescan make it happen.

Article provided courtesy of WALCOTHOUSE.COM

ABOUT Walcot House: As designer and makers of beautiful, timeless curtain poles, Walcot Houses’ roots lie in the supply of luxury curtain poles to the interior design trade, with a particular emphasis on unusual finishes, an extensive colour palette and hand finishing. All designed for individuals who want a distinctive, designer product.

Walcot House is a small dedicated UK company, started in 1999 by our founder, Samantha Sandberg, who still works in the business today. The new online venture has evolved with the desire to simplify their component based, bespoke product range for trade customers, and has also resulted in making the collection more accessible to a wider audience of professionals.


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