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Decor 6

New Designer, Anna Jacobs, launches a new cushion design, Murmuration, sewn exclusively by women in a high security women’s prison, organized through the charity, Blue Sky.

The cost of producing Anna’s Murmuration cushion through the prison is the same as it costs to produce her other cushions through her usual commercial CMT unit. However, part of the price she pays goes toward the training and qualifications of the women prisoners.

She chose the Murmuration design because a murmuration is not only a wonderful image of birds flying free, but it is also an extraordinary phenomenon of hundreds of starlings working together and creating beautiful patterns and formations in the sky. This seemed to reflect the aims and ethos of the sewing workshop within the women’s prison.

As a single parent who’d recently gone though some tough times, but been helped enormously by friends and family, Anna wanted to find a way to pass on some of that kindness by supporting other women in difficulty. Blue Sky aims to generate new employment and training opportunities to engage prisoners, improve their self esteem and give them the best chance of getting their lives back on track once they are released.

For more information visit: www.annajacobsart.com


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